Cloud Native Computing and DevOps Solution Architect

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Based on Cloud Native Computing, Container based DevOps, and Cloud Foundry technologies, HPE Cloud Native Computing Application and Migration service is the fastest growing solution business area in Hybrid IT solution in Asia Pacific, India, and Japan. HPE Pointnext Hybrid IT CoE leads HPE solution business with cutting edge technologies and delivers a portfolio of innovative Cloud Native Computing and DevOps.

We are looking for solution architects with strong Cloud Native Computing Application and DevOps experience to deliver & support customers’ transformation of their application development methodology and environment to generate business value. The specialists help our enterprise customers to strategize and adopt the transformation their current application development platform into the cloud native application development platform.


As Cloud Native Computing and DevOps solution architect, the role will be to engage our enterprise customers to understand their business challenges and requirements and help our customer’s design & implement new application development methodology and related backend IT service frameworks and maximize the business around the cloud native application platform service business.


仕事内容 ■Cloud Native Computing and DevOps Solution Architect

Work with our sales and presales teams and engage our enterprise customers to understand their business challenges and requirements

Working with senior customer representatives (including, C-level executives) to advise and guide on the overall solution

Designing and leading workshops focusing on the transformation of the customer’s technology and covering the whole cloud programe

Producing Strategy and Roadmap documentation, including Business Cases and ROI analysis
Discovering and understanding the customer’s business problems

Work with our architectural & engineering teams and the OpenStack, Kubanetes, and Cloud Foundry community to deliver innovative solutions that meet our customer’s needs.

Be able to individually implement smaller tactical projects or Proof of Concepts (POC)

On large scale projects be able to lead a team of development and implementation resources under the local project management team

Delivering HPE’s Cloud Native Application Platform solutions into customer environments and ensuring solutions works as specified

Manages stakeholder relationships in the country, across HPE business units, especially Hybrid IT and Pointnext.

Manages project financials including business impact within the team with reliable forecast accuracy




Development experience on a Linux platform with the following environments;
-Languages : Java, Python, PHP, Ruby
-Environments ‐ Docker, Cloud Foundry, Spring, Rails, Elastic beanstalk (AWS),, OpenShift etc, WebSphere, Apache httpd, LAMP, Kubanetes, Tensorflow
-Database ‐ IBM DB2, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Redis
-Development environments - DEV, TEST, STAGE, PROD, repositories, code review tools
-Application architecture ‐ 12 factor application design

Opensource experience must include designing and implementing the platforms, technologies and products that provide an IaaS / PaaS / SaaS solutions.

Experience in the following would be an advantage
-Amazon, Azure, and alternate cloud products and technologies.
-Migration from cloud technologies to OpenStack.
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雇用形態 正社員
勤務地 東京都
勤務地詳細 東京大島本社:東京都江東区大島2-2-1
勤務時間 9:00~17:30
休日休暇 完全週休2日制(土・日)、祝日、5月1日、年末年始、年次有給休暇(初年度13日、翌年度17日)、年間特別(6日)・病気(20日)・慶弔など・社会貢献・リフレッシュ休暇および産前産後休暇、子の看護休暇など
福利厚生等 通勤費全額支給、各種社会保険完備、自社健康保険組合、日本HP企業年金基金、Share Ownership Program(従業員持株制度)、退職金、財形貯蓄、社員のメンタルヘルス・ケアに関する各種取り組み、契約保養所、出産特別休暇、出産手当金、出産育児一時金・附加金、育児休職・短縮勤務制度、介護休職・短縮勤務制度、社会貢献休暇(6日)


企業名 日本ヒューレット・パッカード株式会社
事業内容 コンピュータ・システム、コンピュータ周辺機器、ソフトウェア製品の開発・製造・輸入・販売・リース・レンタルおよびサポート
設立年月日 1999年(平成11年)7月
住所 〒 136-8711



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Cloud Native Computing and DevOps Solution Architect