Talent Acquisition - Senior Manager, Human Resources

求人会社名 : 外資系資産運用会社

求人ID : TK19-XXX

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仕事内容 Strategic leadership of the talent acquisition agenda for designated business units in Japan
・ Support the talent acquisition in Asia as needs
・ Seamless and timely execution by the delivery and facilitation of talent acquisition based on the needs
・ Establish good partnership with stakeholders of all functions to deliver talent acquisition
・ Continuous innovation in the field of talent acquisition ensuring the organization has a robust and long term delivery plan supported by a competitive presence in the required talent markets
・ Manage talent acquisition agencies with partnership to raise good branding in the talent markets and effective recruiting
・ Ownership of Resourcing spend ensuring appropriate visibility of cost
・ Active recruitment and ownership of deliver for hiring requirements primarily in Japan
応募資格 【必須(MUST)】

・ Talent acquisition strategy formulation with experience of long term and tactical deliver success
・ Experience of managing high volume recruitment with understanding of business needs in a
fast-paced environment
・ Experience of generating continuous improvement of efficient process and high-quality talent
acquisition including eRecruitment
・ Senior relationship management experience with high level personal impact, communication, negotiation skill
・ Experience of establishing good relationship with talent acquisition agencies and managing them with fair partnership
・ Good understanding of labor law, dispatch law as well as social insurance law
・ Good analytical skill to observe organization and talents to make the best solution
・ Good marketing skill to raise branding as ambassador
・ Fluent Japanese and English skill (both writing and speaking)


・ Better to have experience of Asset Management and Personal Investment business, or financial industry
勤務地 東京都
勤務時間 当該企業社内規定に準ずる
年収・給与 900万円~1500万円
Key Responsibilities 1 【Strategic planning】
・ Ownership of the short, medium and long term talent acquisition for designated business areas
・ Working with hiring managers, HR head, Asia Talent Acquisition head, HR Business Partners,
management and any other stakeholders as needs to design appropriate candidate attraction for support of business strategy.
・ Review, build and execute on talent acquisition strategies ensuring a balance of effective recruiting, talent pipelining and cost.
・ Ensure external market views and market insight are taken into consideration when developing talent acquisition strategy with appropriate market insights shared regularly with key business and HR stakeholders

Key Responsibilities 2 【Execution】
・ Building effective pipelines of internal and external talent to meet the business demand for current
and future requirements
・ Utilize best-in-class sourcing methods in order to identify talent acquisition targets
・ Engage with prospective talent ensuring a candidate experience that reflects company vision and

【Enhancement of Employee Referral Program】
・ Enhance Employee Referral Program in order to utilize and develop internal talents and consider cost

【Communication with other countries’ Talent Acquisition】
・ Develop insight and knowledge of talent markets in a variety of locations in Japan and any other
countries in order to bring best practices to Japan and support international hiring.

Key Responsibilities 3 【Management, Assessment and Selection of talent acquisition】
・ Ensuring selected talent acquisition agencies have the required level of competence for assessment
and selection of right talents
・ Implement assessment processes to review of talent acquisition agencies once a year to make sure
they are effective partners and their practices are consistent with Values and Competencies

・ Providing updated recruiting status reports for the HR head, Asia Talent Acquisition head, HR Business Partners, management and any other stakeholders as needs.
・ Providing recruitment analysis to pursue the most efficient talent acquisition from quality, time and
cost perspective, etc.
・ Ensuring all recruitment feedback reports are always correct and up to date.


求人会社名 外資系資産運用会社
概要 外資系資産運用会社
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Talent Acquisition - Senior Manager, Human Resources


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