Head of Infrastructure(大手損害保険会社)

求人会社名 : 会社名非公開

求人ID : Y18044

  • エージェント取り扱い求人
  • 外資系
  • 上場企業
  • 土日祝日休み
  • 語学(英語)を生かす


仕事内容 Head of Infrastructure
-Lead and maintain the IT Infrastructure.

・Responsible fo company's IT Infrastructure both of external (customer facing) and internal.
・Managing around 20 engineering staff members to drive infrastructure projects and provide production support.
・Managing Infrastructure projects and continuous improvements in order to reach the next level in operational excellence.
・Responsible for maintaining and updating Cloud and On-premise infrastructure architecture roadmaps through industry research and continued learning.
・Managing Infrastructure Technology Identification and Build

応募資格 <General>
・Expertise in IT Infrastructure

・Capacity to set a good communication with business and to explain technical issues to business team
・Active listener with a flexible and open mind leading to productive conversations
・Possible to convey clear thoughts and messages verbally both in Japanese and English

・Experience supporting high availability systems and scalable architectures
・VM (VMware, ESX etc), Operating Systems (Linux, Windows, iOS, Android etc), Network, Data Base (Oracle, SQL Server etc), Middleware (Microsoft .NET, IIS, Weblogic etc), Data Center and IT Hardware
・Capacity to work AWS or any dynamically scalable Cloud environments
・Highly sensitive on IT security matters
・Experience or knowledge on Agile and DevOps solutions

・Capacity to provide guidance/supervision to subordinates toward achieving the targets/plans of tasks, to analyse the ability of the subordinates, and to provide guidance/advice for the improvement
・Encourage colleagues to maximize team contributions
・Capacity to transform existing processes

・Rigor in execution, accountable for production environment sustainability
・Pro-active with clear views for a good planning
・Open to have feedbacks from 360 degree for further enhancements
・Ability to cope with uncertainty
・Self-starter with curiosity
・Self-confidence to act
・Learning from failures for heading for better in the future
・Good negotiator with all level of colleagues
・Good skill in presentation both in Japanese and English
勤務地 東京都
地下鉄銀座線 田原町
勤務時間 9:00~17:30 実働 7.5時間
年収・給与 700万円~1000万円
年収 1000万円くらいまで


待遇 正社員
休日・休暇 土・日曜、国民の祝日、年末年始(12月31日から1月3日)
※年間休日:120日(2018年) 、有給休暇、慶弔休暇ほか
備考 ・英文レジュメ必須


求人会社名 会社名非公開
概要 自動車保険、バイク保険、ペット保険など、お客さまのニーズに合った商品の通信販売・サービスの提供
業種 損害保険

Head of Infrastructure(大手損害保険会社)


ソフトウエアエンジニアリング株式会社 (本社)