HR&GAマネージャー/ HR&GA Assistant Manager / Senior Staff

求人会社名 : 大手外資系ラグジュアリーブランド

  • エージェント取り扱い求人
  • 外資系
  • 管理職・マネージャー
  • フレックスタイム制
  • 駅徒歩5分
  • 語学(英語)を生かす


仕事内容 Plan, organize and administer all matters related to Human Resources and General Affairs

- Responsible for all retail recruitment process, such as assessment of needs, preparation of job description and requirements, choice of the most effective channel and tool, support the decisoin making, and proposing the offer package.
- Responsible for new grads recruitment, such as, identifiying the business needs, choose the best process, conduct a seminar, arranging the screening process and communication to the students and universities.
- Responsible for updating and maintaining the master data in our brand talent (worldwide HR database)
- Administer the all personal changes and update the HR database for payroll and social insurance.
- Prepare HR budget and manage/control payroll related costs and headcount
- Handle the employee relations, escalate to HR & GA director or the relavant person for solution.
- Responsible for monthly reporting of headcount, payroll cost and org chart.
- Monitor and track the Incentive payment for retail.
- Assess the morale of employees though interviews, visits and so on, and make recommendations on its improvement.
- Identify training needs and propose appropriate programs with retail training manager
- Plan and conduct the new hire orientation, collaborating with Retail Training Managers, all functional heads, and retail managers.
- Responsible for all general affairs-related jobs including office administration
- Responsible for BCP ( Business Contingency Planning) and act as a member of BCP team.
応募資格 - Education: University graduate
- Minimum 5 years’ experience in human resources. Retail industory experience is a big plus.
- English communication capability (Minimum TOEIC 800)
- Strong Administration skills
- Hands-on, integrity, open-mind
- Has good learning agility
- Strong communicatin and interpersonal skill
- MS excel, word, powerpoint
勤務地 表参道
勤務時間 フレックス制
年収・給与 600万円前後
待遇 面接時に詳細お伝え致します
休日・休暇 面接時に詳細お伝え致します


求人会社名 大手外資系ラグジュアリーブランド
概要 誰もが知っている、大手外資系ラグジュアリーブランド
業種 繊維・ファッション・アパレル

HR&GAマネージャー/ HR&GA Assistant Manager / Senior Staff


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