Strategic Customer Engagements/ストラテジック カスタマー エンゲージメント

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求人ID : MP180528-163539

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仕事内容 Do you have a knack for analyzing business deals, and for developing deal terms that represent a win-win for all parties? Can you take complex scenarios and simplify them down to the essentials, crafting elegant terms that are easy to understand and apply? Are you good at defining and communicating streamlined deal workflows, and building consensus around approaches?

This role will manage the various critical phases of the Deal Structuring (Deal Strategy and Structuring, Negotiations, and Closure) in conjunction with the Account Team and local / management. This includes the following phases: Deal Strategy and Structuring, Negotiations and Closure.
Your responsibilities will be focused on our Enterprise Discount Program (EDP), which is the deal construct). This is customer facing role and is responsible with the field for the deal strategy and structuring, execution and closure of the EDPs both with the customer and internally through my client`s approval process, coordinating critical phases of multiple cycles (Strategy, Structuring, Negotiations and Closure).
応募資格 Will have exceptional skills in the following Deal Execution phases: Deal Strategy, Deal Structuring, Negotiations and Closure.
・Deal Strategy. This individual will work with the Account Team to set deal objectives. The individual will be able to provide advice on the competitive deal structures and create an actionable strategy to execute the deal.
・Deal Structuring. You will be able understand the business objectives and create a deal structure that maximizes the value of the opportunity and achieving’s business objectives. The individual works with the Account Team on the opportunity to establish the Bill of Material and Commercial Structure based on various factors: competitive situation, historical purchasing pattern by customer, size of project, and timing. Based on this, the individual can work with the account team to prepare and, in conjunction, present the proposal.
・Negotiations. You will have experience to be involved with or advice on customer negotiations, including commercial aspects of the deal structure. The individual understands the impact of terms that impact Revenue Recognition, Pricing, Legal, etc. and provide alternative solutions to the Customer (or Account Team).
・Closure. Will be able to assist the Account Team and customer in final closure of any contractual/legal issues for the deal, including assisting on briefing senior management on issues and driving approvals.
勤務地 東京都
勤務時間 詳細は面接の際にお伝えします
年収・給与 JPY 12,000,000 - 16,000,000 (Negotiable but please ask us for more info.)


求人会社名 会社名非公開
概要 詳細は面接の際にお伝えします
業種 ネット通販・通信販売

Strategic Customer Engagements/ストラテジック カスタマー エンゲージメント


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