RGFエグゼクティブ サーチ ジャパン-RGFタレントソリューションズ株式会社-(東京・大阪)

RGFエグゼクティブ サーチ ジャパン-RGFタレントソリューションズ株式会社- (東京・大阪)


求人会社名 : 大手メーカー

求人ID : KT180307-148748

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仕事内容 ・ Work closely with top management and HR leaders, to develop HR strategies and initiatives to meet business requirements. Understand the existing HR and people landscape, analyze gaps, develop and implement appropriate HR programs to bridge gaps
・ In-depth experience in formulate impactful HR strategies and design appropriate HR initiatives to support the business growth
・ Advises management as a HR business partner and a change agent to roll out organizational change programs. A season professional with solid Organization Development experience to help transform the organization to reach higher heights in terms of talent bench strengths and organization performance
・ Develop and implement competency-based development programs and career ladders to attract and retain talents
・ Actively involves in the organization and talent assessment initiatives, succession planning and key talent development
・ Design and execute appropriate compensation & benefit programs etc.
応募資格 【必須】
・ Seasoned HR leaders with ideally 15-20 years of HR management and HR development experience.
・ At least 10 years of management experience.
・ Prior experience in working for multinational companies.
・ Proven track record in building organisational talent ‐ attracting, developing and retaining talents.
・ Excellent judgment and creative problem solver.
・ A good balance of “strategic” and “hands-on” to deliver result as well as possess good business acumen.
・ Must possess excellent persuasion and leadership skills in order to gain consensus regarding organizational strategy and policy that will inevitably involve continuous change and improvement.
・ Ability to effectively interface with corporate management and work well within a highly matrix organization/ management.
勤務地 東京都
勤務時間 就業規則に準ずる
年収・給与 900万円 ~ 1150万円程度
待遇 就業規則に準ずる

休日・休暇 就業規則に準ずる
雇用形態 正社員


求人会社名 大手メーカー
概要 Holdings Company of major global manufacturing companies
業種 化学・石油・石炭製品 食品・医薬品・化粧品