RGF Professional Recruitment Japan(RGF Professional Recruitment)

RGF Professional Recruitment Japan (RGF Professional Recruitment)


Simon Chambers
(サイモン チャーンバーズ)

RGF Professional Recruitment

Legal Counsel・リーガルカウンセル

求人会社名 : 会社名非公開

仕事内容 ・Providing diversified legal services and supports
・Drafting and reviewing contracts, agreements and other legal documents
・Providing legal advice
・Participating in contract negotiations
・Resolving dispute and lawsuit of Japan subsidiary and international arbitration
・Legal research and providing legal training
・Coordinating with external counsel and liaising with customers
応募資格 ・Native Japanese and Business level English
・Good knowledge of all commercial laws such as company law, contract law, international trade law, etc.
・3-5 years or more on legal work with experience in a multi-national company or leading law firm is necessary
・Excellent drafting and negotiation skills
勤務地 東京都
勤務時間 9:00~18:00
年収・給与 800万円~1000万円


求人会社名 会社名非公開
概要 Multinational Leading Technology Company
業種 通信・ISP・データセンター 通信・ネットワーク機器



  • 金融
  • 親身なコンサル
  • 業界知識豊富
  • 英文レジュメ対応可
  • 金融・不動産

Simon Chambers (サイモン チャーンバーズ)

コンサルタント歴 : 14年

性別 : 男性


金融 ■Real Estate
■Country Manager
■Origination and Acquisitions
■Asset Management
■Facility Management & Corporate Real Estate
■Fund Management
■Back Office, Finance
■Investment Management/Asset Management
■Sales/Marketing/Client Services
■Fund Reporting