RGF Professional Recruitment Japan(RGF Professional Recruitment)

RGF Professional Recruitment Japan (RGF Professional Recruitment)


原 大輔
(ハラ ダイスケ)

RGF Professional Recruitment

Consultant specialized in Corperate Financial Management

求人会社名 : 会社名非公開

仕事内容 財務経理コンサルティング領域において、以下4領域のコンサルタントを募集しております。

・Integrated Finance Transformation

・Enterprise Performance Management

・Efficient Finance Operations

・Finance Shared Services and Outsourcing

This global leading consulting firm is now looking for bilingual talents who can deliver financial management related projects in the following 4 CFO related services.

・Integrated Finance Transformation
(Support in designing future vision, strategy, and target operationg model of finance and accounting function in global integration era)

・Enterprise Performance Management
(Support in designing enterprise performance management strategy and transformation or integrated business processes with system selection and deployment of new business processes)

・Efficient Finance Operations
(Support in optimizing finance process and system in accordance with IFRS conversion)

・Finance Shared Services and Outsourcing
(Support in designing vi
応募資格 <必須>





【Common Requirements】
 ・Logical thinking, problem solving skillsets (Required)
 ・Basic knowledge of finance and accounting (Required)
 ・Enthusiasm toward activities in developing new solutions (Required)
 ・Reading and writing skills in English (Required)
 ・Verbal communication skill in English (Nice to have)

【Individual Requirements】
・Experience in global consulting firm
  (1)Project experiences in at least 1of the 4 financial management services (Required)
  (2)Basic knowledge of IT used in business (Required)

・Experience from non-consulting industry
  Must have experience in one of the following area
  (1)More than 3 years of experience in finance and accounting department, or corporate planning department (Required)
  (2)Experience in accounting BAU or designing business strategy (Required)
  (3)Experience in IT department and implementing accounting system (Required)
  (4)Project experience related to financial management services (Nice to have)

・Experience as system integrator
  (1)Implementation of accounting system or BI system
    >Experience as project leader or sub-leader (Required)
    >Experience in designing scope and vision, defining business requirements in system implementation (Nice to Have)
勤務地 東京都
勤務時間 9:00~17:00(残業有り)
年収・給与 500万円~1300万円
待遇 昇給年1回、賞与年2回、交通費全額支給、超過勤務手当
休日休暇 週休2日制(土・日)、祝日、年末年始、有給、特別、慶弔、試験、創立記念日(7/1)
福利厚生 各種社会保険完備、退職金制度、財形貯蓄制度、健康保険組合カフェテリアプラン、定期健康診断、マッサージルーム、他


求人会社名 会社名非公開
概要 外資系大手コンサルティングファーム(世界150ヶ国以上に展開するグローバル組織のメンバーファーム)
業種 コンサルティングファーム・シンクタンク



  • コンサルティング業界
  • 土/日でも面談可能
  • 業界知識豊富
  • 英文レジュメ対応可
  • IT・ネットワーク
  • 経営幹部・コンサル

原 大輔 (ハラ ダイスケ)

コンサルタント歴 : 5年

性別 : 男性


コンサルティング業界 業界動向、市況感をはじめ、今後のキャリアの築き方、転職活動の進め方、入社企業の決め方、退職交渉に至るまで、サポートさせていただきます。