Project Engineer

求人会社名 : 会社名非公開

求人ID : CSP073216-TB

  • エージェント取り扱い求人
  • 外資系
  • 従業員1000名以上
  • 年間休日120日以上
  • 土日祝日休み
  • 残業月20時間以内 
  • 設立50年以上
  • 語学(英語)を生かす
  • 育休・産休・介護休暇実績あり
  • 退職金制度


仕事内容 【Duties】
・Directing, overseeing and supporting project execution; including involvement in the project scoping, engineering, bid process, budgeting, scheduling, forecasting, reporting, and invoicing.
・Develop, track, and manage projects to ensure that projects are executed according to the Project Plan and are completed on time (schedule implies resources) and on budget. Keeps management and all the stakeholders informed on all issues affecting project timeline and budget. Proactively develops plans to mitigate potential issues.
・Directly responsible for safe project execution.
・Drives a culture of “Do It Safe, Do It Right the First Time” with their actions and their words on a daily basis.

・Responsible for procurement of equipment and materials, and services; and selection and hiring of subcontractors.
・Negotiates project cost with suppliers to achieve optimal cost of ownership.
・Manages material identification, application, receipt, staging, and tracking.
・Responsible for Project execution following various applicable design specifications and standards.
・Responsible for leading cross-functional design reviews, championing “Management of Change” process for project changes, and leading construction, pre-startup safety reviews.
・Responsible for overall field coordination during the project. Coordinate project deliverables and timing with the construction manager(s), project engineers(s) and contractors.
・Ensures that work scope, project documentation, drawings, etc. are developed to meet internal standards/good engineering practice, and regulatory requirements are maintained current throughout the project.
応募資格 【Experience】
(Requires) 10 years of demonstrated experience in managing capital projects in the specialty chemical or similar industry.
(Requires) At least 5 years working in chemical manufacturing environment which involves hazardous materials
(Requires) Experience in collaborating with overseas stakeholders
(Requires) Proficient in cost estimating techniques and understanding of estimate accuracy at various project stages.
(Requires) Experience to develop staffs / your engineers over influencing them
(Requires) Delivering result as project manager with project management skill
(A Plus) Experience to work under matrix organization

【Skills and Knowledge】
(Requires) Bachelors or Master degree in Chemical Engineering
(Requires) Class A Hazardous Materials Engineer
(Requires) Business level Japanese communication skill
(Requires) Ability to read and interpret equipment schematics, PIDs, and construction drawings.
(Requires) Fluent in the use of MS Office Suite, including MS Project.
(Requires) Knowledge of Japanese and other Asian countries regional building codes, consensus engineering standards and applicable regulation.
(Requires) Solid project management knowledge / method
(Preferred) Skill to develop staffs in taylormade style

【Ideal Personality】
・Stay calm and positive under pressure, can give reasonable judgment under such circumstances.
・Like challenges, and can see challenges as opportunity for own growth.
・Attention to detail: precision and accuracy are important.


※English communication skill (TOEIC score: 700 or above)
勤務地 茨城県
勤務時間 9:00 ~ 17:30
残業 :~ 月15時間程度
年収・給与 <給与補足>
待遇 正社員
退職金制度 (確定拠出・確定給付年金制度)
慶弔慰金制度、災害補償制度、団体福祉総合保険、長期障害所得補償保険、資格取得奨励金、財形、健康管理制度(健康診断、人間 ドック、医師面談・ メンタルな健康維持相談等)、株購入割引優遇制度、住宅補助、帰省旅費、転園・転学補助、厚生年金基金、社宅制度
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求人会社名 会社名非公開
設立 1930年8月
資本金 217億9750万円
従業員数 2100名
概要 <産業・医療ガスおよび関連サービス>
産業・医療ガスの製造販売 / 産業・医療ガス関連機器の製造販売 / 産業・医療ガス関連サービス / 大型空気分離装置などのプラントエンジニアリング事業
業種 化学・石油・石炭製品 その他メーカー


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