Cloud Architect

求人会社名 : 非公開

求人ID : NJB2016449

  • エージェント取り扱い求人
  • 外資系
  • 語学(英語)を生かす
  • 土日祝日休み
  • 年間休日120日以上
  • 設立50年以上


仕事内容 This company is seeking an experienced cloud architect to join our team of solution architects in our Services providing technical leadership to the engineering and integration of our core technology as SaaS infrastructure.

・ Design complex highly available global computing environments that deliver our SaaS products and platforms.
・ Create infrastructure solutions that satisfy customer requirements cost efficiency objectives and security standards. Solutions must be fully transferable supportable and maintainable by other teams and flexible to work across hybrid cloud environments.
・ Facilitate technical and security discussions to develop solutions. Provide 3rd tier support as required for deployed systems.
・Plan and design the logical virtual and physical elements of solutions in concept and detail to inform direct and advance implementation and delivery projects.
・ Work with partner Infrastructure Platform Support Datacenter Network Database and Security teams to drive consolidate and maintain documentation of all systems in their public and private cloud.
・ Demonstrate your knowledge of provisioning/deployment tools and processes to deliver productivity and efficiency for the partner.
応募資格 Required skills:
・ 3+ years hands on experience with Linux system administration
・ 3+ years administration and cloud design infrastructure [AWS Azure Google etc]
・ 3+ years scripting or coding experience with one or more languages
・ 3+ years hands on experience with network system administration
・ Able to design large scale cloud infrastructures to support SaaS operations for high profile customers.
・ Extensive working knowledge of both cloud and network technologies design patterns and vendors.
・ Fluency in professional Japanese both written and spoken.
・ English skills ・ Business Level
勤務地 東京都
勤務時間 09:00 ~ 18:00
年収・給与 600万円 - 1100万円
待遇 【通勤手当】全額支給
休日・休暇 【有給休暇】20
雇用区分 無期雇用


求人会社名 非公開
概要 求人紹介時にご案内致します。
業種 システムインテグレーター・ソフトウェアメーカー


株式会社 ジェイ エイ シー リクルートメント (東京/北関東/横浜/静岡/名古屋/京都/大阪/神戸/中国)

株式会社 ジェイ エイ シー リクルートメント(東京/北関東/横浜/静岡/名古屋/京都/大阪/神戸/中国)