Senior Modelling Consultant

求人会社名 : 外資金融系製品ベンダー

求人ID : NJB1085776

  • エージェント取り扱い求人
  • 外資系
  • 語学(英語)を生かす
  • 土日祝日休み
  • 年間休日120日以上
  • 設立50年以上


仕事内容 ■Purpose
The successful incumbent will join the R3S team to provide senior actuarial modelling expertise to the R3S business functions and clients. The role will also involve significant client contact and include provision of modelling advice to clients and partners as required.

■Main Duties/Responsibilities
<R3S modelling>
・Provide advice and guidance to R3S clients and partners in respect of modelling best practice including advising on model design structure and implementation approach as required.
・Develop R3S models as required to support the R3S product proposition.
・Provide modelling advice to the Sales function to support R3S demonstrations and POC’s.
・Lead and work on client implementation projects providing guidance to junior actuarial staff ・ a billable target may be set.
・Utilise a strong understanding of current actuarial methodologies quantitative and qualitative aspects be able to apply this knowledge practically as part of a modelling exercise and communicate well to clients or other team members both verbally and in written documentation.
・Look to become an R3S modelling ‘expert’ through developing a strong understanding of the structure/scope of the R3S system and use this knowledge to apply a problem solving approach to unique or complex modelling requirements.

<R3S General Support Development>
・Work as required on the R3S support help desk.
・Support testing of future R3S releases by producing test models and working as part of the test team.
・Support the development team with specifications and sign off of delivered functionality.
応募資格 【Must】
・Actuarial knowledge required
・Experience working at a client facing level essential

・Previous experience with financial and actuarial software would be a definite advantage
・Project management skills also an advantage
勤務地 東京都
勤務時間 09:00 ~ 18:00
年収・給与 700万円 - 1000万円
待遇 【通勤手当】全額支給
休日・休暇 【有給休暇】10

雇用区分 無期雇用


求人会社名 外資金融系製品ベンダー
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業種 システムインテグレーター・ソフトウェアメーカー 生命保険


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