System Engineer(ADAS)【東京都勤務】

求人会社名 : 大手グローバルプライヤー

求人ID : NJB1075137

  • エージェント取り扱い求人
  • 外資系
  • 勤務地限定
  • 上場企業
  • 従業員1000名以上
  • 語学(英語)を生かす
  • 土日祝日休み
  • 年間休日120日以上
  • 駅徒歩5分


仕事内容 ■当社の「自動運転システム/ADAS」の領域において、システムエンジニアとして開発プロジェクトを担っていただきます。

‐‐ As the main representative for selected functions development in the project team, you are the interface between Customers and Valeo teams. You pilot at the customer’s premises the R&D functions during the whole project development and support the Valeo Technical Project Manager with the technical management of development, integration & introduction to manufacturing of product
‐‐ Lead oversea development team to ensure functions implementation in time and according to customer requirements.
‐‐ Communicate with other development teams to integrate the functions into the global system architecture.
‐‐ Organize and manage all design review event for both internal and external.
The main responsibilities of the role of System Engineer (Function Owner):
‐‐ Responsible for understanding OEM system requirement specifications and functional requirements as main technical contact between customer and Valeo development team.
‐‐ Construct and execute the function development plan, validation plan and testing for integration to the vehicle.
‐‐ Define software architecture and specification to achieve customer requirements
‐‐ Specify System Requirement, evaluation / development of system components
‐‐ Design of software features and requirements according to Valeo standards based on customer’s request
‐‐ Help to get consensus for both customer and Valeo R&D at overseas sites.
‐‐ Required translation of technical documents for understanding by overseas team.
‐‐ Must have excellent communication skills and strong interpersonal skills to work with customers effectively.
‐‐ Provide guidance to the team member’s activities to improve the quality and to solve the issues.
応募資格 【必須】

勤務地 東京都
勤務時間 9:00~18:00スーパーフレックス制度あり
年収・給与 700万円~950万円
待遇 【通勤交通費】
労災保険 健康保険 厚生年金 雇用保険
休日・休暇 【年間休日】


雇用区分 無期雇用


求人会社名 大手グローバルプライヤー
概要 求人紹介時にご案内致します。
業種 自動車・自動車部品・輸送用機器

System Engineer(ADAS)【東京都勤務】


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