Engineering Manager

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求人ID : Job-00153481

  • エージェント取り扱い求人
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仕事内容 It is a world leader in materials and high-tech industries developing in over 60 countries

・Supervising plant maintenance.
・Drive Professional Maintenance activities and manage them to make sure they happen.
・Plan, manage progress and maintain and manage capital investment.
・Determine the appropriate staffing for employees in the maintenance and engineering departments and manage the training plan and execution.
・Oversee projects for achieving hard savings.
・Supervises equipment remodeling from an engineering perspective to improve quality.
応募資格 ・Management, quality, maintenance electrical / mechanical, TPM activities, fluent English
勤務地 東京都
Tokyo 23 wards
勤務時間 会社規定に準ずる
年収・給与 1000万円~1300万円
セールスポイント International Company


求人会社名 会社名非公開
概要 バイリンガルリクルートメントソリューションズ(BRS)は、日本に拠点を置く人材紹介会社であり、パーソルキャリア株式会社に所属しています。私たちは、多国籍企業であるお客様に対し、多言語に対応可能なプロフェッショナル人材の紹介サービスを以下の領域において提供しています。

Bilingual Recruitment Solutions is the international recruitment arm of the PERSOL group. The group currently has partnerships with over 28,000 companies making it the second largest permanent placement agency in Japan. We aim to leverage decades of business relationships and networking so as to provide clients and candidates with an unrivaled recruitment service.
業種 その他


パーソルキャリア株式会社 (BilingualRecruitmentSolutions)