APR(自動配置配線) Manager/Engineer

求人会社名 : 外資系半導体メーカー

求人ID : 797

  • エージェント取り扱い求人


仕事内容 Physical design implementation
APR flow development
Advanced APR solution path finding
応募資格 Education:
Master or PhD Computer engineering or EE
APR chip implementation experience with advanced process nodes (28nm and below)
Familiar with P&R and timing signoff
Familiar with Script languages (shell, python, TCL) or C/C++
Fluent in English speaking
Mathematical is also okay and willing to learn APR and research for new APR flow (Optional)
Proficiency in English is basic requirement. Proficiency in Chinese is a plus.
Specific Requirement:
APR Engineer:
Seniority > 5 years.
Full chip integration experience is a plus.
APR Lead Manager:
Seniority> 15 years.
Experienced with full chip integration/signoff and tape-out management is needed.
勤務地 神奈川県
勤務時間 9:00-17:40
年収・給与 800万円~1200万円


求人会社名 外資系半導体メーカー
概要 大手外資系半導体メーカーになります。
業種 半導体関連

APR(自動配置配線) Manager/Engineer


HRC株式会社 (本社)



松垣 潔 (マツガキ キヨシ)

コンサルタント歴 : 13年

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