COO Ofice/Reporting Analyst

求人会社名 : 外資系生命保険会社

求人ID : 2016122601

  • エージェント取り扱い求人
  • 外資系
  • 従業員1000名以上
  • 土日祝日休み
  • 勤務地限定
  • 住宅補助制度
  • 育休・産休・介護休暇実績あり


仕事内容 The reporting analyst will define, manage the development
and monitoring of performance metrics and identifies innovative process
improvements under COO organization

・ Business plans - Develops strategic business plans and initiatives
for major business segments
・ Analysis and reporting - Collects key performance metrics from various sources
and using management analysis tools completes complex analyses
・ Performance metrics and reengineering processes - Develops new performance
measures and internal benchmarks for an information framework
to support process analysis and reengineering activities.
Improves existing benchmarks so that plans remain competitive
応募資格 Experience
・Experience in insurance industry performance, metrics and reporting,
potentially from an equity analyst perspective

・Numerically Astute with ability to analyze, sort and summarize large volumes
of data from multiple sources
・Organized, impeccable presentation & communication skills
・Ability to work effectively with the team
・Ability to influence, negotiate and constructively challenge to achieve
quality improvement
・A sharp eye for detail

・Excellent verbal and written communication skills both in Japanese and English

・Inquisitive – must be able to work on own initiative to drive
to root cause drivers
・Persistency to achieve committed goals
・Be able to work collaboratively and as part of a team
・Influence people
・Leadership to manage people with different interest and/or from diverse culture
年齢 32歳~42歳まで
勤務地 東京都
勤務時間 9時~17時(休憩1時間)
年収・給与 経験・能力などに応じて、当社規定により決定
待遇 賞与、交通費全額支給、各種社会保険完備、退職金制度
休日・休暇 完全週休2日(土日)、祝日、連続、年末年始、有給、慶弔、リフレッシュ休暇


求人会社名 外資系生命保険会社
概要 生命保険業及びそれに付随する業務
業種 生命保険


エンリッチメント株式会社 (ENRICHMENT.Inc)