Customer Success Specialist

求人会社名 : グローバルにネットワークを持つ老舗金融情報企業

求人ID : RR008

  • エージェント取り扱い求人
  • 外資系
  • 時短勤務あり
  • フレックスタイム制
  • ストックオプションあり
  • 語学(英語)を生かす


仕事内容 ・Deliver tailored engagements (e.g. training, enterprise workshops) that help customers to maximize the value derived from solutions post sale and build intimacy
・Use specialist knowledge to demonstrate and educate customers on relevant functionality and content resulting in increased usage and product adoption
・Interpret and take action on usage information focusing on “at risk” customers to mitigate cancellations and identify value optimisation opportunities
・Promote insights relevant to customers’ workflow and act as a voice of the customer internally, feeding back their experiences
・Drive customers to support channels available as part of the value provides
・Develop and execute retention strategies as part of the customer success plan for accounts, in conjunction with Account Managers
・Identify and investigate opportunities to raise to Account Manager for action and share insights to aid the sales process
応募資格 ・Proficient in both English and Japanese
・Create sales opportunities from existing and new customers
・Travel as needed
・Increase customer satisfaction at the desktop
・Market Understanding including a) basic market understanding b) knowledge of relevant market c) strong understanding of customers' business model
・Selling Skills (identify, develop, & articulate proposition/ consultative selling)
・Significant Product and Workflow Expertise (e.g. knowledge of financial modeling, excel, MS Office); knowledge of trading floor tech/ data apps
・Strong customer service skills
・Others: Presentation skills (verbal & written); Strong interpersonal skills; ability to organize and execute a sales plan; ability to use MIS systems
・Training or related experience preferred
・College/ university degree or relevant work experience equivalent required
・Industry qualifications preferred (CFA, MBA, FRM, MFE, CFE etc)
年齢 ~40歳まで
勤務地 東京都
勤務時間 9:30 ~ 17:30(部署・職務により始業・就業時間が異なる場合あり)
年収・給与 400万円~1500万円
待遇 試用期間あり

休日・休暇 年次有給休暇


求人会社名 グローバルにネットワークを持つ老舗金融情報企業
概要 This is a post-sales role which drives commercial value creation through adoption of all solutions purchased by the customer to achieve revenue retention and customer engagement. The Customer Success Manager plays a key role in enhancing customer experience by leveraging a network of experts across and ensuring customers’ business objectives are achieved though full utilization of solutions into the daily operations of end-users. The scope includes broader number of solutions (Desktop, Feeds, Enterprise and Risk) that will engage customer across all products and services and identification of opportunities (cross sell, up sell) that are passed through to Sales and Account Management.
業種 その他金融


株式会社 アルーシャ (本社)

株式会社 アルーシャ(本社)