Compliance Analyst

求人会社名 : 外資製薬会社

求人ID : 34110-100

  • エージェント取り扱い求人
  • 中途入社5割以上
  • 外資系
  • 年間休日120日以上
  • 勤務地限定
  • 資格取得支援制度
  • 語学(英語)を生かす
  • 育休・産休・介護休暇実績あり


仕事内容 【Major Responsibilities】
◆The Compliance Analyst will perform the following responsibilities independently with minimum to moderate supervision from Compliance Director:

□Partners with all functional areas to:
・Understand specific business’/client’s needs, assess risks involved, and provide Ethics & Compliance advice based on policies and procedures and external requirements
・Help implement, manage, and interpret policies, procedures, SOPs, guidelines, and practices across the affiliate
・Assist performing compliance risk assessment, trend analysis, and best practice recommendations
・Develop, implement, and coordinate awareness, education, and training programs that focus on the elements of the COBC, policies and procedures, SOPs, and guidelines
・Lead and/or participate in various projects (local and global)
・Participate in brand team meetings
・Handle violation cases by working with relevant parties, including global investigation team, to gather and assess the facts, determine appropriate course of actions, and close out the case
・Review relevant materials
・Organize ethics and compliance records, documents, and files and maintain document databases
□Assist developing, implementing, modifying, and executing Affiliate monitoring plan to ensure compliance with policies and procedures
□Oversee the tracking and trending of violation reports
□Assist Affiliate on compliance audits, oversee the fulfillment of auditors’ requests, act as liaison between business and auditors during on site activities
□Support organizing and managing Compliance Steering Committee

◆Be a contact person for Fair Trade Council and Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association’s Code Compliance Committee, attend their meetings, and share information with relevant departments

◆Support Compliance Director with administrative work

◆Possess working knowledge of our business and client areas supported
応募資格 ◆求める学歴
・Bachelor’s degree (preferably in a related subject)

・Previous compliance/legal/ accounting/regulatory or similar experience preferred
・More than 2 years of healthcare industry experience

・Operates within well-defined expectations with minimum to moderate supervision and guidance from Corporate OEC
・Knowledge of industry rules, external environment, and business
・Client/customer orientation mindset
・Risk assessment and problem-solving skills
・Ability to make a holistic assessment of situations
・Logical thinking skills
・Strong communication skills
・Strong negotiation skills
・Presentation skills
・Good analytical skills and sense of judgment
・Business English sufficiency (written and oral)
・Native level Japanese language skills

・JD, CPA, or similar qualification preferred

・Ability to work in multicultural/multifunctional teams
勤務地 東京都
勤務時間 8:45~17:30
年収・給与 550万~900万円
 年 収:年俸制、昇給年1回
 賞 与:年3回
 手 当:通勤手当(全額)
待遇 【待遇】各種社会保険等完備、退職金、団体生命保険、定期健康診断、自己啓発支援制度、社員持株会、財形貯蓄、医療費補助制度、永年勤続表彰制度、福利厚生プログラム、自動車通勤不可、TOEIC受験料補助
休日・休暇 完全週休2日制、年間休日125日
雇用形態 正社員
募集背景 新規募集
選考プロセス 【採用希望時期】ASAP


求人会社名 外資製薬会社
概要 医療用医薬品の研究、開発、製造、輸出入、販売


業種 食品・医薬品・化粧品


株式会社A・ヒューマン (本社)



山本 俊輔 (ヤマモトシュンスケ)

コンサルタント歴 : 11年

    • 転職成功事例あり
  • メディカル
  • 外資系企業
  • 業界知識豊富
  • 履歴書添削あり
  • 模擬面接あり


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